I negotiate, draft and revise contracts for:

  • Copyright clearance l all media, text and photos, online and off
  • Potential business l letters of intent, non-disclosure agreements
  • Newly acquired business l clear agreements between the parties
  • Full-time employees l detailed contracts with probationary periods, strict termination and indemnity clauses +
  • Partnerships l co-branding agreements +
  • Sponsorships l long or short term
  • Human Resource support l welcome kit, warning notices, code of conduct, probationary reviews, health and safety +
  • Writers l detailed contracts with flexible use of content
  • Photographers l detailed contracts with wide usage, photo releases
  • Illustrators l detailed contracts with wide usage
  • Sales use l advertising contracts, sales kit, pitches +
  • Graphic designers l contracts with attention to copyright
  • Image banks
  • Modelling agencies
  • Copy editors / Proofreaders
  • Part-time employees l independent contractor agreements
  • In-house contract workers
  • Printers
  • Production
  • Trademark registration
  • Leases
  • Settlement claims
  • Copyright infringement l find unlawful reproduction of content
  • Special events l event planners, venues +
  • Terms and conditions/privacy policy for websites
  • Compliance with regulations l French/English, distance contracts +

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