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Working primarily in media and contractual law, I am a bilingual, award-winning lawyer and editor with business experience in Canada, the UK, Japan and Switzerland. As a content provider, I have worked with many highly respected companies, including ad agencies DentsuBos, CloudRaker, Bleublancrouge, BOB and KOZE, as well as BiogeniQ, GH+A Design, Spafax, The Federation of Law Societies of Canada (FLSC), Quebecor, CJAD Radio, CBC-TV, Just for Laughs Festival, PSB Boisjoli, and Aiglon College, among others.

As a lawyer, I have negotiated contracts for Academy Award winners, Grammy nominees, multiple film production companies, advertising agencies, animation houses, large-scale publishers, retailers, start-ups, and many other creative-media clients.

With three degrees from McGill University (BA, BCL, LLB), big-firm training (Borden Ladner Gervais) and years of in-house and advisory experience, I advise clients on a wide array of matters, including copyright clearance and agreements of all types (employment, freelance, web development/hosting, etc), and I am involved in contract negotiation and drafting for the music, film, and publishing industries, among others.

I am currently Quebec counsel for the Ottawa law firm Momentum and a legal blogger/editor for ROSS Intelligence. The blog was recently voted as one of the Top Legal Blogs by the American Bar Association Journal. (here)

As the former Editor of the Montreal Mirror and Strut Magazine, and ex Executive Editor of enRoute Magazine, I have published articles in Canadian Lawyer Magazine and in the CBA’s Addendum. My editorial work has appeared in Time Out London, Good.IS, enRoute, the National, Strut, Royal Wings, AOL, and Cycle Canada to name a few.


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